Alphabet Lore A To Z Game (Animation + Drawing)


Are you a fan of Alphabet Lore? if yes then Alphabet Lore A To Z Game (Animation + Drawing) game is for you and your friends.

Extra Info:

Alphabet Lore A To Z Game (Animation + Drawing) is an indie Animation and Drawing game. This is original source code with all videos and gameplay.


Alphabet Lore is a highly ranked keyword. Some Other People Make Apps on it:


★★★This is a completed game design, sound, effects, gameplay, full resource, and full animation.
★★★Ads Monetization
★★★Sounds: sound effects are included with a setting to mute sounds in the game
★★★Multiple screen sizing for most mobile devices
★★★Professional and clean code, clean projects
★★★Simple and attractive
★★★Easy reskin for all platforms.
★★★New Developer-friendly
★★★Increasing gameplay difficulty
★★★Key system
★★★Responsive UI
★★★Compatible with mobile and desktop
★★★Support for Unity 2019 or higher
★★★Support build 64Bit, API 29
★★★Support build Android App Bundle (AAB)

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