Dynamic Island Notch – Dynamic Notch – Notify Island – iOS 16 Notch Pro – iPhone 14 Notch


Dynamic Island Notch – Dynamic Notch – Notify Island – iOS 16 Notch Pro – iPhone 14 Notch

Bring you Dynamic Island feature for your Android smartphones. With DynamicSpot or Dynamic Island Notch you can easily get the 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature on your android device!

No More boring Notch display. Dynamic Island Notch app is based on 14 Pro dynamic island, IOS Dynamic Notch designed to surface useful information, like when the device is being charged, receive incoming call. It’ll surface a tiny thumbnail of the album art when you are playing music, and more. Dynamic Island Notch helps you to decorate your notch to look beautiful. You can get info of currently Playing Music in Dynamic Island Notch Notification. Dynamic Island Notch Notification is Custom Notification Center. Dynamic Island Notch Notification is more attractive for boring Punch Hole camera and Notch. Make Attractive notch with Unique Animation. Get Notification with Animations in Dynamic Island Notch Notification and Do actions According it.

Dynamic Island Notch app displays a dynamic view to make the dynamic island notch on your smartphone user-friendly and useful that you can use as a widget. Dynamic Island use the existing cutout of your device to add software panel that expand and collapse to display information.

★ Features of Dynamic Island Notch :- – Notification. Notification overhead dialog with morphism animations – Battery. Battery percentage indication when you plug your device to power – Music player. Display playback information from your music player. – Headset connection. Display when your bluetooth headset gets connected. – Theme. The app support dark and light theme – Notch Setting. Customize Dynamic Island position, height, width and move up/down. – Enable or Disable Notch Setting.

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