Flow – Cash Management App For Business and Home Uses – Android Kotlin


Flow is a mobile, finance solution app that is designed to help small businesses grow and succeed. The app provides business owners with the functionality they need to operate their businesses and manage finance to provide their own e-commerce platforms.


Multiple Businesses and Account Books: A business accounting software that lets you easily track your cashbook and create multiple businesses. You can keep separate records for each business. It also helps users to easily create multiple cashbooks in an account and maintain the record of each client in the business separately.

Innovative User-friendly And Private: Flow is an innovative, private and user-friendly app that allows you to record your transactions in real time. Flow’s interface is designed to help you stay on top of your finances, offering intuitive functionality and a clean look that makes it simple to get a grasp of your finances.

Add Cash In/Out Transactions: This record your cash in and out cash data tool is an easy-to-use cash register. Enter your sales transactions, calculate gross profit, and print reports automatically.

Multiple Transactions: The Flow Accounting system is built around the idea of recording multiple transactions – such as a sale, money transfer, or credit card charge – in one place with one record. It also uses visual mapping to help you keep track of all of your receipts and payments.

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