Huggy Skate – HTML5 Game – Construct 3


Huggy Skate (As well as mobile gameplay. As well as desktop gameplay.) How To Play? Grab your skateboard and help Huggy. While Huggy is riding the skateboard, you can stop the skateboard or make it jump. Stop or jump your skateboard according to the obstacles in front of you. everywhere is full of obstacles, it’s up to you to stop and jump. Jump from the garbage containers, stand on the walls, look if you don’t stop, you’ll burn and you won’t be able to finish the level. 20 different challenges and 20 different levels are waiting for you. You can play on both mobile and pc. Control : Press the “W” button to make the skateboard jump. Press the “A” button to stop the skateboard. *Mobile Touch Control. *Double Jump available (Same control on both mobile and pc)

Features: It has 2D high graphics. *20 different Levels. *Easy re-skin. admob supported.

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