Mini Uber RealTime Live Ride Sharing Application – Turn it into Any On Demand Service App


Mini Uber – On Demand Service[with Admin App] Be a Rider or Get Riders, Book them, Make a Ride… Real-Time Live GPS Tracking System. Full System is Made with Realtime Live GPS

Sign up as an user and can see all available riders live on the map all the time.Contact with them and get your rider easily and fast.
Signup as a Rider and share your live location on the map, set your Available status On/Off. Get your Customers easily. Admin approval needed for riders as well as Admin can disapprove any rider anytime.

Main Idea About The App:

  • After a Rider’s (Driver) signup, he has to send a request to the admin for approval, on clicking “Riders Section” in the app. After Admin giving him approval, he can access the Riders Section and can set his available status on/off from here… Without Admin Approval, The Rider(Driver) will not show live on the App – Users can not see the Rider
  • when a rider is approved by the admin, The Rider have to “ON” his available status in “Riders section” For going to Live on the map for users.
  • If a Rider(Driver) “OFF” his “Available status” in “Riders Section” that means he is booked/not available, Users can not see him on the map.
  • If a Rider(Driver) “ON” his “Available status” in the Riders Section” that means he is free/Available, Users can see him Live on the map.
  • Admin can disapprove any Rider(Driver) any time from admin app.If Admin disapproves any rider, the rider can not access the “Riders Section” and can not “ON” the available status. users can not see him. He needs to send request to admin again for approval and if he will get approval from admin, then he can “ON” the available status on “Riders Section” for showing live on the map for users/visitors and getting customers
  • Users(Customers) can signup and can see all available riders Realtime live on the map and can book them by calling. users can not access “Riders Section” and can not send Approval request to Admin. They can see the Available Riders(drivers) Live Only and can call them.
  • A Rider(Driver) can also see other available Riders(Driver) Realtime Live on the map, This makes a Competition Between them
  • Approved Riders(Drivers) can set their available status on/off from the “Riders Section” anytime

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