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PDF Viewer – PDF viewer that allows you to read, view, search, and manage PDF files on smartphones or tablets.

PDF Viewer is exactly what you need! It can auto scan, find, and list all PDF files on your phone, allows you to fast open, read and manage your files in one place conveniently.

With all the features you need as a PDF viewer: PDF viewer for android, we will provide you with an e-book reader for the better. All your pdf documents in one place that supports all kinds of file formats. You can scan your document and photos to keep a digital copy of all these and easily share PDF docs with others.

You can easily bookmark PDF files with a favorite tab in the PDF viewer app. The pdf viewer app is your workhorse in the office for reading text or reading material when downloading PDF files. Support for documentation zooming, bookmarks, and the option to display the screen to help you have the best experience when using a PDF file with the PDF app for Android.

• Image to PDF Converter: JPG/PNG to PDF: Take a picture of a document or select from your device and save it to PDF file.

• Extract Images from PDF: Extract images from your PDF document with high quality. Convert your own images to single or multiple PDF files. You can convert all kinds of images to PDF File.

• Organize PDF file Pages: Customize your PDF files. Choose position, typography, and size of your page numbers.

• Merge PDF: Combine multiple PDF documents file into a single PDF file and merge one.

• Split PDF: Split PDF pages or extract pages to multiple PDF documents with high quality result. Have a file that is too big ? Now you can split it into smaller units.

• Share As Picture: Automatic convert your PDF document file to image and you can share it.

• Extract Text: A fast and simple PDF document scanner app with high quality PDF and Text output.

• Print PDF File: Print PDF documents file directly from your phone/tablets to printer.

Quickly and Basic Features:

✔ Flexible to operate.
✔ Simple design and modern GUI.
✔ A simple list of PDF files.
✔ Quickly open and view PDF documents.
✔ Print documents directly from your device.
✔ Scroll, and zoom in and out PDF file.
✔ Choose a single page or continuous scroll mode.
✔ Bookmark PDF files for future reference.
✔ No limitations on the number of files to be merged.
✔ Unlimited merging facilitated.
✔ Secure resultant pdf file is generated.
✔ The generated pdf file can be easily sent over social platforms, tools and applications.
✔ Go to the page number directly and see the page count and total pages PDF file.
✔ Share with your friend on email, cloud or any messaging apps with one click.
✔ Horizontal / Vertical scrolling mode. With 2 reading modes, PDF Reader- PDF Viewer provides complete experience.
✔ You can read all documents, PDF files from internal storage, emails, cloud, web and external storage very easily.

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