Snake And Ladders Online Unity Multiplayer Game For Android and iOS


This snakes and ladder game has two game modes, online and offline. The rules are the same as any other similar game. In online, you can play with another player and send emojis to each other during the game. You can also choose your avatar from the many ones that are available for you. But offline mode supports 2 to 8 players and you can choose from 3 different game boards. You can also choose that AI play as other opponents or assign a player to them. If you miss the old snakes and ladder game, this game will enable you to play it on your computer or mobile device and with you online friends!


  • Made with Unity engine.
  • Online multiplayer with real players.
  • Online and offline modes.
  • 3 different game boards to choose from.
  • A dozen avatars to choose for your character.
  • Supporting up to 8 players in offline mode.
  • AI support to control other players in offline mode.
  • Easy to customize and modify.
  • Compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Document included.
  • Cross Platform(iOS, Android)
  • Support 64bit IL2CPP
  • Export to Android App Bundle(AAB)

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