WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar – Increase Average Order Value


Have you heard of the phrase “WooCommerce free shipping over amount”? This term refers to a feature that can display the amount of free shipping left on the front end of a WooCommerce store. Use free shipping notifications on your website to attract customers’ purchases to gain free shipping, and increase sales of shop owners.

The increase in sales and traffic to the website is very important for a website or an online store. Customers making a purchase usually enjoy the free shipping method. Woocommerce Free Shipping Bar – WooCommerce Free shipping plugin allows:

  • Automatically detect customer’s IP and display shipping amount matched with shipping zones in WooCommerce.
  • Display Free shipping bar and progress bar
  • Variety of Free shipping bar and progress bar positions
  • Design: You can design the shipping bar in order to match your theme or site’s style.
  • Flexible custom messages on the shipping bar.
  • Effect: Settings to let the shipping bar appear or hide after a certain time, or close the shipping bar button.
  • Select shipping class to exclude when calculating subtotal
  • Other outstanding features.

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