Yacine TV – Flutter Live Streaming & Sport Events app with Admin Panel, built with NodeJS & MangoDB


Introducing the product, The ultimate Flutter-based streaming app for TV channels and live football matches. Our app offers a fully functional and customizable solution for streaming a wide variety of channels and events. With its cutting-edge technology, it guarantees a fast and seamless streaming experience.


  • User-friendly interface: Our app features a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to discover and navigate the app.
  • Smooth navigation: Our app offers easy and smooth browsing through categories, channels, and other content, allowing users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • Advanced instant searching: Our app comes with an advanced instant search feature that allows users to search for channels instantly by channel tags, making it even easier to find the content they want.
  • Built-in video player: Our app has a built-in high-quality video player that can handle different video and audio qualities (4K, FHD, HD, SD…), ensuring that users can watch channels with the best experience possible.
  • Compatible with Flutter 3.3: Our app is built on the latest version of Flutter, which ensures that it can be used with the latest technology trends, providing users with a cutting-edge experience. To start developing the app, you will need to have the following tools installed in your development environment.

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