MyChurch App Pro – Android & IOS


Mychurch App – pro is a flutter full application for small, medium and large churches, it comes with all the basic features to engage your church community.


  1. Videos/Audios Sermons: Comes with a clean, functional and powerful video/Audio player for members to watch or listen to church sermons right on their devices.
  2. Livestreams/Radio: Stream or broadcast live video/audio sermons directly to your members device using our Livestream/Radio Widget.
  3. Multiple Bible Versions: App comes with 7 different bible versions namely KJV, NKJV, AMPLIFIED, NLT, NIT, MESSAGE and NRSV versions.
  4. Firebase push notification: With Firebase Cloud Messaging, you can send notification messages to your church members.
  5. Bulk SMS/Emails: Send SMS/Email campaigns to selected members. You can create members list and target only selected members lists for the campaigns.
  6. Church Events: Keep everyone up-to-date with your church events, date, time and venue.
  7. Admin Dashboard: Provides administrators tools for faster and more convenient community management.
  8. Social Features: Members can make posts, share videos and audios, plus follow and chat with other members.
  9. Giving: Increase donations through your app. No monthly cost or hidden fees!
  10. And lots more …

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