PHPTerminal – Shell-like environment for PHP apps


PHPTerminal is shell-like tool to solve many tedious tasks you’re facing during development and maintenance of your PHP app. Designed for servers without shell accesss and low-memory limits. Edit any text file, make copies and backups, run custom sql queries, change file permissions and much more. With just ONE tool.

Tools available at your fingerprints

  • phpterm – print PHPTerminal information
  • man – an interface to the reference manuals
  • clear – clear the screen
  • pwd – print name of current/working directory
  • cd – change the working directory
  • ls – list directory contents
  • cat – concatenate files and print on the standard output
  • touch – change file timestamps
  • edit – internal file editor
  • rename – rename file
  • cp – copy files and directories
  • mv – move files and directories
  • rm – remove files or directories
  • mkdir – make directories
  • rmdir – remove empty directories
  • chmod – change file mode bits
  • upload – uploads file in current directory
  • download – downloads file
  • sql – executes sql query
  • zip – package and compress (archive) files
  • unzip – extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
  • ini_get – get php ini option
  • get_loaded_extensions – returns loaded php modules
  • phpversion – returns the current php version

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