Skillful Driver (Unity Game With AdMob Ads) – 2D Road Racer – Endless car driving game


Optimized to be played in portrait mode on android and iOS. This project have integrated interstitial and rewarded AdMob ads

To setup the ads follow these steps: Go to Assets – > Google Mobile Ads -> Settings and put your app id (from your AdMob console) there. Open the script “Menus.cs” and put your rewarded ad id on line 59 and your interstitial ad id on line 71 for android and on line 73 for iOS.

Spin the steering wheel to control the car. Keep the car on the road, if you hit the edge the car will explode. Collect the diamonds to unlock new vehicles. As the game progresses the car will move faster and faster. Your goal is to score as much as you can.

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